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Previous clients of Michelle which have been professionally consulted with are eligible for repeat scripts for practitioner only quality products not sold over the counter. With our new online patient order system, your script will be sent via courier to your door!
Call 0409572220 or leave an email request  message on the contact page.
I use only practitioner strength and quality natural medicines. If you would like to become a client of mine to enable you to order natural medicines conveniently online, please find the email link on the contact page and I shall contact you within 24 hours or call 0409572220 - don't forget to leave your name and number!
Your steps to wellness has teamed up with some great partners who want to support your health journey. Enjoy rewards and discounts from these providers. Our Wellness club is coming soon! Join our mailing list so we can let you know when it arrives! We believe you deserve all the rewards just by looking after yourself!

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Technology is opening doors where getting well and staying well is more convenient than ever. 
Staying well with our Wellness club will be easier for you too - we have teamed up with partners who want to pass on  great savings and ideas to you on how to keep yourself in peak health.  Natural health and wellness just got a whole lot more exciting!

member rewards are coming!

Science technology has come a long way!

Thanks to the modern NES home scanning computerised technology we can now use cutting edge diagnostics to assess your body and health in its earliest stages of imbalance. Modern functional pathology is also pickingup imbalances before they are becoming illnesses too. Many health assessments can be done in the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

In this changing internet world, it is still very important to get clear, accurate, professional guidance from a university trained health professional when you are trying to get well.
An Individual naturopathic assessment directs you to your best needs. As you get to know your marvelous body and its needs, your health will go from strength to strength.

Natural medicine scripts for professional, practitioner quality products are now delivered right to your door.

Retail health items for your home and family care can also be conveniently delivered to your door! Our online store will guide you to the best, natural products on the market.
Staying healthy is getting easier everyday! How can I help you find your health direction today?

Simply message me on the contacts page!

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exciting news on how healthcare is getting easy in the convenience of your own home!